Featured Artists Of The Month:

Thu, Jan 28th  Sat, Jan 30th

Ife Winz: Film, Music, Dance

Ife is a creator of faith and passion and that is clear when looking at her latest's projects. From "Tic-Tac"(a short film) to "Soothing Sundayz" a singing segment on her Instagram. Ife continues to make quality content for her peepz to enjoy. Learn more about Ife in her interview.




Thu, Jan 21st  Sat, Jan 23rd

Tally Sama:
Visual, Music 

Tally Sama works with visual art and most recently music. Her custom work includes original painted shoes and canvas paintings. Geishas are a re-occurring theme in her artwork. Learn more about Tally in her interview below.


Insta: @_tallysama

Manager: @missewreck

YouTube: WhoisTallySama

Thu, Jan 14th  Sat, Jan 16th

Uyi Udidiong: Portrait Artist

Uyi is a self-taught portrait artist from Nigeria. He began learning how to draw in 2015 with the help of tutorial videos and keen observation. To learn more about Uyi checkout his interview below.


Insta: @uyi_draws

Facebook: Uyi Udidiong 

Email: udidiong55@gmail.com


Nov-Dec 2020


Thu, Dec 3rd  Sat, Dec 5th

Jade Alexandria Young: Actor

Jade Young is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in theater at UNCG. Her passion for acting started in middle school unintentionally...to learn more about Jade and her journey click the link below.


Thu, Nov 12th  Sat, Nov 14th

Miesha Sadé:
Poet, Spoken Word 

Miesha Sadé is a poet and spoken word artist who recently released her first book of poetry and prose, 'Chameleon'. She will be hosting a live poetry reading soon. Follow Miesha on Instagram for updates on this event. Click the link below for Mieshas interview.


Thu, Nov 5th  Sat, Nov 7th

Leroy Pridgen IV: Musician 

Leroy Pridgen is a student at UNCG and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in music. Leroy has played the trombone since middle school and he is currently a musician in the "Too Phat Brass Band". Click the link below for Leroys interview.